Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Barongan is one of the traditional art of ritual from Indonesia. "Barong (an)" is a name that is destined to face a very daunting and as if the wild. Often Barongan term coupled with the word kepet (booing from the audience) means do not like to clean themselves (nyopet, Sunda). Art is also called Barokan which means the same as Barongan. 

History of Birth and Development Hard to determine exactly when the art started this Barongan born. The only materials that can be used as guide people's stories is a very great influence among the rural community. 

Folk story tells us: A beautiful princess loved Udrayaka handsome young man, but the king, father daughter does not approve because Udrayaka Patih Dirgabahu only foster child. For Udrayaka depart from the kingdom, the king gave the task for Udrayaka draw all types of animals that exist on the mainland. The young man was successful, but following further instructions from the king so that he drew all the creatures in the ocean. In the ocean he saw a horrible beast creature's head appears on the surface of the water. He was lucky to survive rowing to shore, immediately drawing. A fisherman saw it say that the picture was similar to the fish head Poto. The image was directly given to the fishermen, not to the king. Since then, the fishermen make art as a repellent Barongan misfortune.
Other stories say, reputedly yore crops and other plants from drying out exposed to pests. Very mystical society that believes in disturbance of the fine will destroy human beings. A pair of elderly farmers (battery and nini) initiative create artificial creatures (bebegig-Sunda) whose head is made of “jojodjog” (bench minor). His efforts to bring change, crops flourish. Since then, other peasant society to imitate him was an old farmer. Changing times always touching human civilization so that the head of the creature (jojodog) was beautify and translate a scary mask that bereka called Barongan, then evolved into an art that comes with traditional music groups as well. 

Muncar, an artist Barongan said that he remembered the man who first founded the arts association is Buyut Barongan Dukuwidara Losari Gendre of the Village, Mr. Blonong, Mr Reconciliation, Mr Tasjid, Mr Tasang, Babakan Sumber village, Raji, Waryun, Sojat, Tarna, Date, and who now lead the art of Barongan Dharma Bakti Village Babakan Sumber Lor District of Cirebon is coachman. 

Arts Barongan to the type of art also include singers who peddle their expertise in crowded places or in front of the house that need. Art is spread over several areas in Cirebon District, they were singing in their own areas and had also reached the Kuningan area. Arts Barongan to adjust to the community environment. When Chinese New Year arrives, Barongan singing to people's homes by providing more Mandarin Chinese as they call Grambyangan opening bargaining / grambyangan cokek. Muncar highly original songs to master Mandarin. Trumpet that now he is said to hold the trumpet cokek that has been aged seven generations (roughly two centuries more.) 

Tend Sacred Rural communities consider Barongan past to reject any disease affecting their lives, like the scene around the house and took Barongan (bite) cushion and then thrown onto the roof-; means pillow regarded as the source of all diseases, with so Barongan throw it away. Some are believed to show Ruwatan, so quickly get a mate in a way ngokop (diigit) by Barongan then bathed. 

Arts Barongan which can now be seen already shifted function, Waditra already experiencing development. Likewise the songs have been adapted to meet audience tastes. Society was too much touched by the presence of other cultures so that attention to Barongan fade. 

Players Principal players consists of two people, namely Barongan and pins, while others serve as many as ten people wiyaga, a reserve player as Barongan and two helpers. So the amount of fifteen people. Please note that members of the arts Barongan there are no women, all held by men. 

Waditra used in the days before they consist of large diameter one-meter fly, fly a small diameter of 45 inches, made of bamboo gong is sounded, as a melody trumpet, and drums as a determinant “kecrek” rhythm. Barongan Waditra age I now expand into Saron, Saron II, Successor, Bonang, Tutukan, Gong and kecrek. 

The songs are accompanied waditra dialunkan and during the show consists of Ura-ura, Simanggurit, Betet ijo, Mega Peteng Lor Kidul. 

Costume worn mask (mask) Barongan and “baju kurung”. Who's the player wearing pins guise of colorful fabric shreds. Costume the wiyaga free. 

Major Sequence :
  • Gamelan with songs Ura-ura.
  • Barongan dance to the rhythm of a very dynamic gising while imitating the sound of animals (birds).
  • Music stops, Barongan dialogue with wiyaga about intelligence. Barongan imitating the sounds of birds.
  • Barongan start dancing again, this time more dynamic that could amaze the audience.
  • Rhythm of the music increased.
  • Barongan entered the house and then took a pillow and threw it into the roof.
  • Barongan back dancing.
  • Change songs; Simanggurit.
  • Actor pins out and dance, Barongan dwells.
  • Pins dialogue with wiyaga about musicians.
  • Pins dancing.
  • Petul dialogue with wiyaga about social life.
  • Change song.
  • Barongan dikucuri flower water.
  • Pins dancing, Barongan get ready to face pins.
  • Barongan dialogue with pins.
  • Barongan war with pins.
  • Barongan beheaded.
  • Barongan chase the children / audience.

Listening to the whole show Barongan, every movement was not immune from the meaning of human life that can only move because there is spirit in it. If the spirit has returned to God the Almighty, the sport will be left behind and did not mean anything. Thus man must not have a sense of power more than others because someday death will pick him up and nobody can escape from death. Therefore, Barongan also described as a cage (human body).
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Hidden Game in OpenOffice.org

As open source applications, OpenOffice.org also has a hidden game. The game is quite simple, the game StarWars, only fighters who opened fire on the enemy. This easter eggs only exists in OpenOffice.org Calc.

If you want to know
about play it, follow the following ways:
  1. Open the OpenOffice.org Calc, then the first cell, type = game () and press [Enter]. Then will come out the text "say what?".
  2. Then type = Game(“StarWars”) (capital letters must be the same / case sensitive) and press [Enter] again.
  3. Will be out a window, there are five figures, click on one, how to play too easily, just by using the mouse to the right or left to move the plane and right click or left click to shoot. Or also the navigation keys on your keyboard to move the aircraft and the space bar to shoot.
If you close the window, then you type back = Game(“StarWars”), will get out the word "oh no, not again!" and you can’t play it again. To play again you must close and reopen OpenOffice.org Calc.
Happy playing!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Preparing to IE9

Five months ago (actually in October 2010), Microsoft introduced its Internet Explorer (IE9) browser to the public in beta. This version has got a lot of improvements and is ready to be launched officially, the name of his version was upgraded from beta to Release Candidate (RC).

The change from beta to RC was a lot to bring changes to the IE9. One of the most striking is the change in placement of the URL address of the original position into one tab browser. There is also a refinement of the side loading information on the beta page that is displayed only for a few seconds. In the RC version , information is displayed during page loading pages downloaded from the Internet, so users with slower connection no longer difficulty when examining how much longer the page will be downloaded in full.

Oh yes, the RC version, Microsoft also added features Tracking Protection List. This allows the users browser to limit online service that can perform tracking through cookies or other tracking methods. The same feature can also be used to block all tracking is done online site to maintain privacy while surfing.

Users who use Windows Vista or Windows 7 and want to try this RC version of IE9 can download it at http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/info/downloads/Default.html

Good Luck Guys !!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aliens vs Predator

This game deserve to be called "three in one", because there are three road stories in it. Want to be a Predator? Can. More interested in playing Aliens? Please. Or you can also play as the marines, like the one in the movie "Predator" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Aliens vs Predator offers three modes (campaign) with different scenarios and enemy character, namely Predators, Aliens, and Colonial Marines. In the Predators, you will be granted the ability to disappear, expert climbing trees, and disguised in the wilderness. The game in this mode will be more tactics and hiding from the enemy. Scenario games will begin in a wilderness on the planet middle of nowhere. Be prepared to be a young predator under test to reach the elite level. After becoming an elite, you will be tasked with looking for other predators who lost on planet earth. After the meet, you must enable automatic suicide bombing that killed at predators, so that your technology is not invented by humans.

In Aliens mode, the situation started with jailing alien race "Xenomorph" in a lab by humans. Serving as the aliens, you should try to free himself and release the other alien.

Want to play a character marines? Style of play will change to first person shooter. Various sophisticated weapons, from rifles with rocket launchers to fire with the detector unseen creature you can try. Your enemy, of course, is the aliens and predators that are ready to kill you without mercy.

Do not be surprised if this game was very short campaign, the average can be completed in 2-3 hours. If you choose to play multiplayer, many modes you can play, and all fun. Its Artificial Intelligence Technology Problem, Aliens vs. Predator is not the best. But in terms of visual, may be thumbs up. Quality looks cinematic with good detail, making the scene feel like a real tense.

Title        : Aliens vs Predator
Creator   : Rebellion Developments
Publisher : Sega
Genre      : First Person Shooter
Players    : Single & Multiplayer
Website   : www.sega.com/avp
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HD Serious Sam : The First Encounter

Bored with the game which is too serious and modern futuristic? Immediately, she said tasted a shootout in this game.

In this game, there is no such thing as a game scenario. You also do not have a headache thinking about strategy or how the characters move. Just shoot straight.

Unlike firts person shooter genre in general, the game made by Croteam as we return to some time back for a taste of hip action shoot-out-of-factly. The important thing is right on target and the enemy fell to the ground. If you ever played a game like Virtual Cops or Dooms, such as a way to play Serious Sam HD.

You will act as Sam "Serious" Stone is determined to save humanity from the monsters that appear from another dimension. There is a stocky-bodied soldiers like Arnold Schwarzenegger but without a head. There are also beautiful women with wings like angels who are ready to scratch with his foot that resembles an eagle. Then you will be dealing with his boss the monsters, the big creature with four arms and head like a buffalo.

Action shootout took place in ancient Egyptian settings in several levels of the game. Many guns that you can use. There is a standard form, stylish portable mini gun predator, laser guns, cannons and even handheld is also provided in this game.

Display this game is quite pleasing to the eye. The colors are nice. Actually Serious Sam has made several times in several series. This is the first HD version. But a strong element of humor remains his trademark. Look at the monster forms an odd but hilarious. The names of the secret box at each level is also ridiculous, like "Secret Gay Wedding" or "Secret Crocodile".

Here are the specifications of the game:
Title         : HD Serious Sam : The First Encounter
Creator    : Croteam
Publisher  : CDV Software Entertainment
Genre      : First Person Shooter
Players    : Single & Co-op (4 players)
Website   : www.croteam.com
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